Alarm Clock for Me App Reviews

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Not too bad

The Clock/Alarm is nice but the Weather data for my location is not at all accurate.

Issues with sounds

I like having the clock on. During the night when I wake up, I can see the time. I like most of the features. Being able to dim the clock is great. But, what I dont like are the sounds. For some reason, while this is running, if I get an email, or a text, or anything else, I get dings and pings. I have my phone set to a sleep mode from 9pm to 7am where the ONLY sounds I should get are calls from a few specific people (in case of emergency). As long as this clock runs, every middle of the night email I get sends a notification that wakes me. I hate it. If they can fix that issue, then Id give this five stars. Until then, you get 2.

Almost perfect

Just one flaw that I’ve experienced so far: as far as I have discovered, you can only pick songs for your alarm music list one song at a time. It’d be nice to be able to select a genre, artist, or album, or even just to tick several songs at once from a songs listing. Otherwise: a fantastic alarm app in every respect, in my opinion. Like the vibrate & flash options for one I really cannot leave wake-up to chance. Fade-in music for day-to-day. Another minor blemish: $3.99 to remove ads is too much. Still, best alarm app of the many I’ve tried

Paid for the app, still uses default ringtone

No matter what I do I cant get the app to use my own music

Great alarm clock

I have used this app for several years now and it has not let me down.

Never fails

easy to use Always reliable Love it

App problems

I’ve had nothing but trouble with this version of alarm. The flash light comes on randomly throughout the night, sometimes as many as three times. Wouldn’t think that wakes you up but it does. Music has done the same thing, which is a real mystery. Can’t explain it. On a trial i done have these problems when the app is closed

It does not work ...

It says that it work when the phone is locked but it does not. They even had ads popping up on the full load version

Great App!

Works great. My go to app for alarms.


Went straight to paid version in order to have no adds. Yet there are adds everytime i turn off an alarm. And no free version is installed. Quite disapointed



Great app

Works great. The fade in is easy to wake and it goes to auto snooze if you don’t wake for as long as you desire. Different themes is alright. Could have more but I still like the options on this alarm

Luv it

Wow luv this app as everything I need , the best app for alarm clock thank you keep on with the good work !!!???? 2 thumbs up!!!!


The music from your playlist is so difficult to get to play!

Wouldve been 5 stars b4 last update

Ive used this app for the last, 3 years. It has always worked great but, before the last update it would play the alarm at the volume I have it set at, now there is NO volume. It has a warning the vol. is too low, and that silent mode is activated. Mind you it is turned up to the halfway point. I can listen to anything else and the volume is correct. Dont know why they have to mess up a good app by trying to "make it better". Fail.

I️ Love The Pay Version of This Alarm Clock! It is Well-Worth the Minuscule Investment!!!

I used the free version of this Alarm Clock for a while, but the ads drove me crazy, so I got the pay version just to end my exasperation with the pop-up ads. Little did I know, the pay version is, in an overly used word, AWESOME. It has so many great features, it has never once played some annoying noise instead of my Mozart when waking me up in the morning (like the free App used to do all of the time). It has all sorts of other features that I use and love (I will let you read about them rather than list them all here). To make a short review long, BUY THIS APP IF YOU USE AN ALARM APP!!! It is by far the best one that I have used, and after trying this one, I have no need to look further. It is a great deal at only $3.99. Seriously, get this App. ♥️

Also is not working correctly

When I set the alarm, it shows that the alarm is one hour earlier on the clock display.

Glitch in alarm clock

When I set the alarm for 5:30, it sets as 4:30, etc. this has just happened since the DST ended.

Time Change Screwed Up Alarm

Used this app everyday for my alarm. No issues other than operator error even when traveling and changing time zones. Not using it again until it’s updated. Today, first alarm use after DST ended, it woke me up an hour early than my alarm was set for. Alarm set for 6:15am, double-checked when alarm went off at 5:15am. Not. Cool.

Useless if you need to wake up to an alarm.

I dare you to attempt to set the alarm and it works accurately Useless app

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