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The background is either to dark or the numbers and letters are not bright enough. I can’t see them and I have tried the different color letter/numbers


Love how they deleted all my reviews of this app of me explaining that these people are ripping you off. DO NOT DOWNLOAD HUGE SCAM. Once you download they will have all your info and make purchases at will and hope you don’t notice. Well I noticed and filed a complaint with Apple and they re seriously looking into this. Also when I downloaded free version it charged me 9.99 and I didn’t notice it til after I downloaded the ad free version for 3.99 well they 20.97. Please check your bank transactions. Then they purchased more things from iTunes this morning for another 20.00 so reported them to Apple. Very suspicious that they deleted my reviews I’m sure I’m not the only to figure this out and they’ve deleted their reviews. They comment please contact our support with help. Well I did numerous times never not once did get a response from them. Very suspicious . I will continue to write these reviews to get the word out so people like us don’t get scammed by these criminals. We ll see how long this one stays up til they delete it .

Functional & Easy to Use

Nothing fancy, relatively simple to figure out how to use. Have been running it for years and it hasnt failed to wake me yet. Worth the penitence required for full functionality.

This is a SCAM

It’s says it’s 3.99 for this full version. NOT TRUE!!!!!!!Check your bank acct. it charges you 20.97 and I even downloaded the free version first and it charged me 9.99. These guys need to be reported and removed from iTunes.

Good app

I love the seconds countdown.

I want a refund

I set an alarm for 5 am today. I did everything right. I left the app open in the foreground and had it sitting by the bed where I could see the display. Woke up at 3 am and it was running. Woke up again at 6:15 to see that the app had stopped working and now I’m late for work. I will never trust this app again and therefore, I don’t see why I should have to pay for it. I want my money back.

Save your money

Got this last night thinking it would take the place of my alarm clock. Woke up late because the alarm never went off. It sent me multiple notifications saying the alarm was going off, but the alarm never actual went off. I don’t know about anybody else, but I need an alarm that actually goes off in the morning.

Great alarm clock

Changed my previous 1 star review to 5 stars. The problems i was experiencing was totally my fault. Thanks to the developers for pointing out what I was doing wrong. Clock works perfectly and is everything I hoped it would be.

Waste of money

Pretty clock but that’s where it ends. Alarm doesn’t work. I get a message that my alarm went off but I have never actually got an audible alarm. Tried several different tones, settings but all have the same result. Alarm clocks aren’t very good if they don’t go off! Maybe it’s one of those “silent alarms”.

Doesnt work

If you have do not disturb (software setting not physical button) enabled the alarm never goes off. This is kind of pointless as I set DnD at night so emails, texts, etc dont wake me and the wife up.

Luv it

I used it for years awesome

What I need in an alarm clock app

I have only used this app for a couple weeks but am very happy with it. I need alarms on different days and it is easy and quick to use this app to do that. Very loud as well which is a bonus. I have not explored the extra features but am very satisfied thus far.

My kind Alarm I

I can use my own Mu

GR8! Tops in tryouts w/ iPhone 8

Love <3 the features, and solid alarm reliability over 3 weeks. Tried the free version 1st. I must have tested >6 alarm clock apps this year and just 2 were worth using. Check this one out. #RECOMMENDED • used w/ iPhone 8 on iOS 11.2.1 Devs, make the “soothing” fade-in alarm actually pleasant. The “fade-in” only lasts 6 seconds!! #Useless. Use 30 to 60 seconds like the 2nd best alarm clock by 1*pala.

Easy to use

This one app does more than any other App I have used, I am slow at using these new phones since I have gotten sick.

GR8! Tops in tests w/ iPhone 8

Love the features, and solid alarm reliability over 3 weeks. I must have tested >6 alarm clock apps this year and just 2 were worth using. Check this one out. #RECOMMENDED

Needs more sound options

My only complaint is it has sucky sound options for alarm to wake up and not very many choices.

Absolutely Loved This App Until Now

This app simply stopped working on my iphone and ipad. I loved this app and if asked a few months ago I would have given it 5 stars because it was my favorite. Useless now.

Alarm clock

Excellent alarm clock the best they got love it!!


The app is usually awesome. I like the features and layout far more than other apps I’ve tried. Pretty much everything is adjustable and customizable, and there’s even a couple things that I never thought I might need in an alarm clock. But there’s been multiple times where I’ve woken up in the middle of the night, checked the time, and found that the app is either closed or appears to be closed. I don’t know if this is because of automatic updates, (because the app seems to shut down automatically but doesn’t reopen correctly), or because of ads (which are handled like a separate app, so the “disable screen lock” function gets deactivated), or because of requests for reviews (similar problem as with ads), but it’s unnerving now that I’ve been late for work once. The alarm is supposed to work, and usually does, even if the app is only open in the background, so I don’t know exactly what happens. But even if the phone just locks, the “fade in” option for the alarm gets disabled, and it is -loud-. So, so far, I’ve disabled automatic updates, paid for the app to get rid of ads, and currently I’m writing a review at 3:45AM. This app would be perfect if it didn’t find ways to shut itself down.

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