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Fine but not worth the money

Overall, the only reason I haven’t deleted this app is because I paid for it. But that resolve is running out every morning. Find another alarm app - or just use a free one. You’re better off. This app is buggy and will go blank without any way of restarting except for deleting the app or turning of your phone. It also barely responds to touch. It might be the mapping but it takes me several tries to press “stop” on the alarm. I also wish that I knew I would be forced to keep the app running through the night or it won’t work at all. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve overslept because of this app. I now have to use the generic Apple alarm along with this one.

Don’t get any sound

Either it’s my phone or this application but my alarm doesn’t work at all

Functional & Easy to Use

Nothing fancy, straight forward UI. Could be improved by adding a Siri function. Have been running it for years and it hasnt failed to wake me yet. Worth the penitence required for full functionality. Unless I missed this feature, would like to have weather outside displayed when I get up. If they could add that feature, the would have a home run. Rodger

Alarm Clock

I wanted to put my old iPad to use, and I needed a good night stand clock. After checking thru the App Store, I settled on the paid (to avoid adds) version of this app .So far its been an excellent product. With a few simple app adjustments and iOS tweaks, my clock was ready to go. It does what it is supposed to do. It is very functional and easy to setup.


This is the best app ever!!! Buy it!!!’ L

Great job Jeff

Well done Jeff. Wish I could have been there. Say hi all to all my loved ones. Steve.

Good alarm clock

This alarm clock is normally very reliable except when you go through time changes twice a year. You will need to delete your alarm(s) and create them over again or your alarm will be an hour off!


Daylight savings time has totally confused this app! I have to set it for an hour earlier to get it to ring at the right time!


only worked once.... refuses to sound a alarm

The alarms stopped working after daylight saving time

This app is useless, the alarms stopped working after daylight saving time. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and the alarms still only trigger an hour after they are set to go off. I paid for this app and now I have to find another one, avoid!!!

It’s Daily Light Savings Time

I set my alarm for 7 am, 3/18. I even checked for the day, not being on silent, and “am”. The iPhone successfully went to EST, but I got nothing from the alarm.

Needs to sound when phone silence on

The iPhone alarm sounds even when phone turned to silent mode. Please make this app do same. Thank You



GR8! Tops in tryouts w/ iPhone 8

Love <3 the features, and solid alarm reliability over 3 weeks. Tried the free version 1st. I must have tested >6 alarm clock apps this year and just 2 were worth using. Check this one out. #RECOMMENDED • used w/ iPhone 8 on iOS 11.2.6 FEEDBACK: Devs, make the NOT “soothing” ascending alarm volume actually pleasant. The “fade-in” only lasts 6 seconds!! #Useless. Use 30 to 60 seconds like the 2nd best alarm clock by I*pala.

Hijacks your phone

One of the terrible musical alarms suddenly started playing on my phone -while the app was CLOSED- and wouldn’t stop no matter what I did, even after a full erase and restore! I ended up taking my phone to the Apple Store and they told me to erase it and restore as a new phone because they couldn’t tell what was going on either. Stay away from this thing.

Random ALARM

This alarm on 2/27/18 just woke me up at 3 a.m EST! I do not know why in world the alarm would go off at 3 am when it had a set alarm. This ruined my entire experience with this app over the past 2 years I have been using it. See you later and not randomly up at 3 am just because of an alarm that wasnt set, went off!

Awesome app with major flaw

This app has many awesome features, one major flaw. I liked the looks and features of this app and purchased. It was after using it that I found out the app must be opened to work properly. I am a light sleeper and I don’t like waking to abrupt sounds. So I set the alarm, fade in and the lowest volume. I tested in the evening and it worked great. The next morning I was blasted out of bed. Long story short, if the app is open at night, phone plugged into to charge, then another app sends a notification. This app is sent to background and it is unable to recover it last state at the time of the alarm. The result is an alarm at default settings. If the developer corrects this, I would be willing to give 5 stars.


The background is either to dark or the numbers and letters are not bright enough. I can’t see them and I have tried the different color letter/numbers


Love how they deleted all my reviews of this app of me explaining that these people are ripping you off. DO NOT DOWNLOAD HUGE SCAM. Once you download they will have all your info and make purchases at will and hope you don’t notice. Well I noticed and filed a complaint with Apple and they re seriously looking into this. Also when I downloaded free version it charged me 9.99 and I didn’t notice it til after I downloaded the ad free version for 3.99 well they 20.97. Please check your bank transactions. Then they purchased more things from iTunes this morning for another 20.00 so reported them to Apple. Very suspicious that they deleted my reviews I’m sure I’m not the only to figure this out and they’ve deleted their reviews. They comment please contact our support with help. Well I did numerous times never not once did get a response from them. Very suspicious . I will continue to write these reviews to get the word out so people like us don’t get scammed by these criminals. We ll see how long this one stays up til they delete it .

Functional & Easy to Use

Nothing fancy, relatively simple to figure out how to use. Have been running it for years and it hasnt failed to wake me yet. Worth the penitence required for full functionality.

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