Alarm Clock for Me App Reviews

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Great App

Love being able to see what time it is at night. Love alarms that begin slow and slowly build up instead of shocking you awake.

Ads Still Pop Up

I paid the ad free version and I still get pop ups. I am ready to delete the app and request a refund.

Alarm clock

Just installed this app. The music selection is nice. I love the melodies & clarity ( provided by my iPhone!). So far, so good! Will let you know later if things change.-S Thank-you for your time & effort put forth in creating this app, & best of luck to you!!


Very reliable I bought the full version. Well worth it.

Keeps trying to sell the weather app

Keeps trying to sell the weather app even when I have bought the paid version.


Keeps trying to push ads even though I paid for the full version.


Like it. With my own classical tunes.


The paid version still has ads? Why not just use the built in alarm clock

Love it. Use it at work all the time.

Love it. Use it at work all the time.

Wonderful ?

I use it every morning to wake up for work ☀️

Alarm Clock for me

Beautiful alarm clock. It does the job. It good for me use it all the time! Thanks! E.M.


Many great features, love it!

Not working waste of money

Did not even change with day time saving

Love it

This app is much better than the included alarm clock on the phone, cool skins too.


This is verry cool

Alarm Clock

Good works with updated iOS version

Great app

Perfect alarm clock. Thanks.

Old guy

Ive had this app for a couple of months and have used it extensively. Functions well. Like the look. Well done.

Excellent alarm clock app

Great to finally see a good alarm app.


All the time it makes a nose sound

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